Year 6 - PGL

Year 6 visit the PGL centre at Winmarleigh Hall, near Preston as an end of year reward, as well as to cover the Outdoor and Adveturous Actvities element of the PE Curriculum.  This exciting and fun trip is carefully planned to further promote the children's independence as well as to allow them to have enjoy their time together after all the hard work of SATs before they leave for High School.

All children are challenged to 'step out of their comfort zones' by taking participating as a team in physically challenging activities, such as th Vertical Challenge, Abseiling, Trapeze and Fencing.

Thursday 11/6/15 21:40
 As predicted, Robot Wars was great fun. There was lots of teamwork, shouting, cardboard, water and flour!  The children are now in their rooms, getting ready for bed.   While they are all looking forward to tomorrow's activities, they are all also very much looking forward to coming home. 
Thursday 11/6/15 19:00
What a wonderful afternoon!  We have been very proud of the children today, for many reasons. They have been complimented on their manners by staff from other schools, and the Housekeeping team at PGL were so impressed by how tidy all the rooms were that they left the children notes to say thank you!  
The improvements in the children's confidence and teamwork this afternoon have been huge. There was a lot of bravery working at height, as well as a real 'have a go' attitude, with children showing real understanding of personal challenge, and determination to meet their own challenge head on. 
This evening, the children are engaging in Robot Wars, another team building activity, out in the sunshine. It's going to be awesome!
Thursday 12/6/15 12.20pm
What a fantastic morning!  All of the children worked really well as part of a team to build and sail rafts. They children developed skills of listening, cooperating, compromising, facilitating and leading as part of the task to lift and tie together heavy barrels and logs. Then the fun part came, as the children sailed across the lake, with support, encouragement and splashing from the instructors in the safety canoes. 
The session was finished off with the rodeo challenge, where the children tried to sit and balance on a barrel in the lake. Rodeo Challenge video
We will endeavour to upload more photos and text as the day goes on, but our main priority while we are away is to look after, work with and spend time with the children. All the children are having a fantastic time on a lovely day!
Thursday morning 11/6/15
What a glorious day Wednesday was!  The weather was wonderful, so everyone kept hydrated and covered in sun cream. There are a lot of budding Robin Hoods and Maid Marions in the class, with a number of children getting bulls eyes in the archery games.  The trapeze activity was simply amazing. Adam and Isaac set the bar high for the class in terms of how fast they climbed to the top of the pole, as well as how bravely they jumped for the trapeze. There were lots of children who may well have some squirrel in their DNA, climbing quickly and fearlessly. Special mention goes to Emily, Lucy and Bobbie who were incredibly brave to conquer their fears of heights. It was lovely to see lots of support from the rest of the class for their friends. 
We had a great time last night, we stayed out doing 'Wacky Races' until 9, then had a drink and went back out to play until football, cricket, and volleyball until 10. There were a lot of tired children last night, all of whom slept really well!
The sun is already shining here for raft building and more activities at height this afternoon, before Robot Wars this evening.