Welcome to St Thomas’ PTA page. The PTA is open to parents, teachers and all those with links to the school. Our main aim is to raise funds which will go towards enhancing our children’s school experience. In recent years we have helped the school to buy software packages, digital cameras and visualisers, but this year we’ve taken on a much bigger project, with a plan to completely revamp the school playground.

It all started out with a simple plan for an outdoor classroom, but after consultation with parents and teachers it was agreed that the children would benefit tremendously from an outdoor area that stimulated and entertained them, whilst also assisting with their learning and development.


St Thomas' CE Primary School PTA 2017/18

Anyone with a connection to St Thomas' School can become involved with the PTA.

Chair: Tracy Buckley

Secretary: Laura Pidgen

Treasurer: Kate Brookes


1. To maintain links between parents/carers/friends and the School/Governing Body.
2. To engage in activities which:- are social events involving parents/carers/friends, raise funds to purchase items/services for the benefit ofthe pupils and which would be supplementary to those items provided from normal school revenue, raise funds for charitable purposes, assist the pupils in furthering their education/development and assisting staff in this aim, further enhances the image/profile of the School.

Membership is open to parents/carers of past and present pupils and anyone who has an interest in the school. Whilst school staff do not have to be members of the Association, their attendance at meetings/events is greatly appreciated. Management Committee to consist of a minimum of 6 members at least half of whom are parents to be proposed at the AGM - nomination to be proposed/seconded by the members. Quorum to be one Officer and three Committee members. Officers to consist of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer to be elected at the first Committee meeting after the AGM. At each AGM Officers wishing to continue should be subject to re-election. No Officer to serve for more than two years consecutively in a single role, unless exceptionally agreed by the Committee. In the event of a tied vote on any matter the Chair to have the casting vote. The Committee to have authority to overcome any problem in the way they see fit on condition that they act within the spirit of this Constitution.

T. 01925 268722