School Council

Our School Council is run by a support team including: Miss Jones, Mrs Singleton and Mrs Smith. They work with representatives from each year group to improve our school, using the children's ideas.  
Our Representatives 2019-20

Year 6: Billy & Shelan

Year 5: Freya & Toby

Year 4: Ben & Darcie-Mae

Year 3: Dylan & Harriet

Year 2: Erin & Malachi

Year 1 representatives: Alessia & Joe L (Year 6)

Reception & Nursery representatives: Erin & Leon (Year 6)


Our Vision Statement

Our School Council represents and values everyone’s ideas and works together as a team for the good of our school.


School Mascot

The School Council decided it would be a great idea to have a school mascot. As a result, each class voted for their favourite name for our new, very wise and cuddly owl. The owl is now named Snowy.


How Can You Talk To Us And Keep Up To Date?

  • Simply post a note into our ‘Drop Box’ with your ideas or things you want to change about the school. (It’s in the School entrance hall).
  • Chat to ANY of the School Council representatives during the day: come and find us!
  • Speak to ANY of the School Council support team.
  • Check the School Council notice board for the latest news. (It’s in the hall).
  • Check our web page. (Oops.....You’re doing that already!)
  • Look out for posters around school.
  • Watch out for information in the School newsletter.               


School Council Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for choosing us to represent our class mates and our school. Please help us to do a good job in all that we do. Thank you to all our school friends and all our teachers who support us.


T. 01925 268722