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SPoC - Special Person of Character

Each half term we focus on a special person of character at St Thomas’. This is someone who has shown great courage, tenacity, intellect, kindness or any other attribute of which we can be proud. Our Special Person of Character may be a scientist or politician, religious leader or poet.

SPoC for Spring - Usifu Jalloh


Usifu Jalloh is a highly experienced, talented award-winning storyteller, performer and educator who has worked in arts education for over 20 years. His roots in multicultural Sierra Leone, and his long standing and close association with artists and audiences from a wide range of cultures, have lead him to develop a storytelling style which encompasses international languages, music, dance and story themes. In 2019, Usifu created a short film called ‘The Cowfoot Prince’ which explores his journey from his adopted home in London back to the village in Sierra Leone where he was born.

Please talk to your child about this person. Why are they special? What are they known for? How are we inspired by them? What do you think makes him a ‘Special Person of Character’? 

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